Armen Avanessian & Enemies #59b: Bratton Thought

Armen Avanessian & Enemies #59b:  Bratton Thought
2017 Volksbühne Berlin | general_use

Due to the great interest in the event the previous evening, and while preparing the Chinese and German translation of a series of essays entitled ‚Bratton Thought‘, we will discuss key texts and concepts of Benjamin Bratton’s work over the last years from Anthropolysis to the Stack. Bratton’s work spans philosophy, urbanism, computer science and speculative fiction. He shows that the deep interweaving of technology and society is not a conclusion but a continuous beginning. Far from a mere tool or simply the expression of a human culture, technology is essential to what we are. Because it changes, so do we. Arguing for a “Copernican Turn” in design and geopolitics, his far-sighted and sometimes contrarian perspective explores how “alienation” may reveal critical new ways of knowing and making.

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